Another Canvassing Experience

Remember the Canvassing Weekend. Here is another inspiring experience that reminds us never to judge.

We all had training before hand at Maranatha Church by Br Jacob and Br Andrew (I think is his name) and were given many ideas, but nothing prepares you for going out on your own except practice and experience in the field on your own. It appeared so easy to do and I could not wait to start.

I had no one to go with and ended up with Sandra. Danny drove us to our area which we were to door knock and dropped us off. With literature, survey form and pen ready, we were more than prepared to start with the neighbours.
Prior to heading off we both bowed our heads in prayer and ask God to bless the work ahead of us.

Following our quick prayer we both headed to the first house and door to start door knocking. When the resident answered the door, I asked her if she would like to complete a short 5 question Community Survey.

Our first impression was not favourable as the lady was still in pj’s at 1pm, but we know that God teaches us not to judge from the outside appearance.
Lynette was interested in all the community was offering except the stop smoking program. A free pack was offered and she accepted it gladly.

Sandra then offered her magazines, but the lady said she has no cash, but then said “Wait a minute and I will see”. She comes back with $ 20 and then wants to buy 2 magazines. She purchased the plants and the cooking magazines.

We thanked her after getting her details and left her place.

As we left, we said another quick prayer to God for opening the 1st door for us and the great response we received.

Following this we were a little disappointed as we had no more of these magazines, so instead started to hand out the free packs.

We had a very enjoyable experience canvassing.

Suzi B

If you’re interested in the magazines mentioned above, give us a call or visit us and we can chat in person!
May you have a blessed day!