Mother’s Day Flower

At one church, for Mother’s Day, the Sabbath school teacher bought different potted flowers for the children to give to their mothers. The children sang and praised God for their beautiful mothers. After the song, one by one, the children went to the front to take a flower and give it to their mother.

Mary’s mum was siting next to Jamie’s mum and was beaming with pride when Mary chose a beautiful Pink Oriental Lilly for her. She turned around to Jamie’s mum and said “You can tell how much she loves me!” Jamie’s mum smiled back and watched as Jamie walked to the front to chose a flower for her.

Jamie took his time to look at all the flowers, then he chose a pot that had a plant without an actual flower and the leaves were a bit wilted. He picket it up, looked at it from all angles, touched its wilted leaves and nodded. Jamie’s mum’s heart sunk a little and wondered why did Jamie chose such a plant for her.

Jamie came with starry eyes to give the plant to his mum and said “Mum, out of all the plants at the front, this one needed you the most. Happy Mother’s Day !” ┬áMum gave him a big hug and swallowed back the tears. Needless to say there was the most amazing peony rose bush at Jamie’s mum’s house flowering amazing flowers every year since that Mother’s Day.