Running Business

Rhys and Max were next door neighbours and best friends. They both wanted a new bike and had an idea how to collect money they needed. The boss of the local orchard allowed them to pick the apples that fell on the ground under the apple trees. They were going to sell them and hoped for enough money to buy the bike.

All weekend they collected apples and filled a few trolleys each. They packed them in 5kg bags and decided to go and sell their apples on the Main Street in town, where a lot of wealthy people lived and had things delivered to them. Rhys was going to sell his apples to the people living on the right side of the street while Max was going to take the left side.

Max showed Rhys a bowl of red apples that were washed and polished. Rhys asked Max why did he bring those apples along. Max explained: “You don’t understand business. You need to show the best to the customers in order for them to buy from you. If we only show them the apples we picked, no one will buy from us.”

“But that is cheating” Rhys said. “We do not have apples of that quality. I think we should be honest about the kind of apples we sell. I wouldn’t like it if someone would show me one thing and sell me another particularly if the ‘another’ is of an inferior quality. ”

“Suit yourself”, said Max “but don’t be disappointed if you will not sell much.” And with that, off they went.

The day went pretty well and by evening Max had sold all his apples while Rhys still had some left.

“I told you”, said Max. “You should have listened to me and by now you would have finished all your apples. I even had customers asking for more next week.”

“Well, if I sell less, so be it”, replied Rhys, “but I don’t want to trick people, that would be dishonest and I don’t want to go down that path. What would God say about it?”

The next weekend they went again to collect apples and, again, filled up a few trolleys each. They packed them again in 5kg bags and off they went to Main Street to sell their apples. When Max knocked at first door he was shocked to learn that the owner was furious with him. “You said you have good quality apples, all of them like the ones you showed me… when I opened the bag, I found only a few like the ones you displayed while the rest were bruised here and there and definitely not as nice as the ones you showed me. I am very disappointed and will never buy from you again. I better buy from the other boy, my neighbour told me about. His apples might not be as nice and shiny like the ones you advertised, but at least I know what to expect and not feel cheated. Bye!” And with that she shut the door in Max’s face. Max’s face went red with embarrassment, as red as on of his polished apples.

The same scenario repeated at the next door he knocked, and the next one. With a sad heart, he decided to leave Main Street for Rhys and try again in a different street, this time with an honest approach.

At the end of the apple season, both boys made enough money to buy the bike they wanted and, what’s more important, they both understood the value of being honest in business.


For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. Matthew 7:2.